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Sometimes the standard iOS components library is not enough to create great user interfaces. But no worry, we develop fully customizable iPhone and iPad components that help build great-looking and functional mobile apps.
All components are provided with full source-code, documentation, and extensive demo projects that show concrete examples of the components' usage. All components are supported by our team, so in case of problems and bugs you know who to contact and can expect to receive free updates soon.
You can of course use our components in any type of apps, commercial or not, as long as you don't re-distribute the source code of the components themselves.

A custom UINavigationController that lets you set the nav bar's height, background color and image. It also supports customizable show/hide and push/pop animations.
A custom TabBar controller that lets you define a custom height, background, colored tab images and frame position. You can even handle taps on tabs for something different than switching the current view controller.
A simple-to-use view component that mimics the gesture-based unlock screen first seen in Android devices. Use it to "gesture protect" your iOS apps or part of them. UI is highly customizable.
Tired of using the iOS's default spinning icon? This component allows you to create your custom one, to better match the look & feel of your app.
A browser-like tab bar that allows users to easily browse through sub-sections of any view. Use it to improve data-crowded forms, for example, by using tabs to categorize and divide all the info. You can customize each tab's icon, title and close button.
A very flexible and customizable Facebook-like popup view with optional title and buttons bar. Use it to show cool notifications, alerts or particular content, or to build multi-step wizards to be handled with delegate methods.
A view controller that mimics the iPhone's lock screen. Use it to code-protect your entire apps or just some screens. Many properties to customize its appearance and behavior, and methods to set-up or validate the secret code.
A customizable toolbar with user-defined height, background color or image. Buttons can be autopositioned or manually handled. Custom animations also included to spice up your UI.
A powerful, more flexible and more customizable substitute for iPad's UIPopoverController class, that works also on the iPhone. Use it for contextual and read-only information.
This components allows you to render iOS's SMS-style balloons with custom text. You can decide the position of the array, the color and the size of the balloon, and much more. Auto-resizing capabilities are also present.
A flexible badge view inspired by the one designed by Apple for the tab bars only. This one supports different color schemes and styles, and can be used anywhere.


  • Full source-code
  • Ease of use
  • Full support
  • Full documentation
  • Demo projects
  • Free updates
  • Highly customizable
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