About us

MobileBricks is a project of AnguriaLab LLC, a company that develops end-user mobile apps for iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows Phone 7 and BlackBerry. We did for example create the Postino App, to create and send real postcards with your iPhone (or Android, Facebook, Chrome, Windows Phone).

We always try to avoid wasting time re-inventing the weel, so that we can focus on inventing nice and innovative apps for our customers. It's with this in mind that we created MobileBricks: to share (with a little profit ;) a collection of ready-to-use and highly customizable components that we used ourselves in past projects, or that we tought would be useful in future ones.

We know there is a lot of 100% open-source code around, and we've tried much of it in our mobile projects. However, we've often found that those components were poorly documented, without sample projects, possibly with unreadable and uncommented code, and maybe with bugs that you don't exactly know who you should contact to report them, and that you don't know whether and when they will be fixed. There are wonderful exception to this of course, but in our experience a commercial and supported piece of code saves you more development time and gives you the piece of mind in case you find little bugs, because you know you can report the issue and expect to have it fixed soon.

We provide the source code of most of all components, so that you might use it also to instructional purposes, or as a base for further extensions and customizations.

We hope, and actually believe, we can create something useful for the mobile apps developers; should you do or do nor agreed with this, we'd like to hear your opinion, comments and feedback, so...contact us.